2016 Toyota Tacoma vs 2016 Toyota Tundra

2016 Toyota Tacoma red exterior

2016 Toyota Tacoma

2016 Toyota Tundra blue exterior

2016 Toyota Tundra

Finding the right pickup truck in Savannah is simple when you’re looking at the 2016 Toyota Tacoma vs the 2016 Toyota Tundra. While both of these vehicles are extremely impressive and offer the best in safety, they each exude their own confidence and advantages while on the road. So whether you’re looking for a fun and flirty mid-size pickup truck like the Tacoma or a dominating and durable full-size pickup like the Tundra, there’s a Toyota truck just waiting for you. Check out what makes both of these vehicles so special.


Both vehicles bring their own unique set of power to the Savannah Roads. The Tacoma offers two engine options: the 2.7L V6 and the 3.5L V6. This way, you can opt for the type of power you want. The Tundra does the same thing. This vehicle offers both a 4.6L V8 and 5.7L V8 engine. Obviously, if you’re looking for more power, the Tundra is the better option, but each vehicle offers an exciting driving experience that you will never forget. Plus, they each come standard with six-speed automatic transmission, so the handling is always within your complete control.
2016 Toyota Tundra front view

2016 Toyota Tundra


Each of the vehicles is priced competitively, so you can rest assured you’re getting a great pickup truck at a great deal. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, the Tacoma is the right choice. This mid-size pickup truck starts at *$25,030, so it’s easy on your wallet. The Tundra, on the other hand, is bigger in size and offers slightly more amenities than the Tacoma, and this one has a base price of *$31,535. This is still affordable, and when you factor in what else you get—standard cruise control, keyless entry, heated exterior mirrors, and a skid under-body plate—you’ll know it’s worth the price difference.
2016 Toyota Tacoma blue exterior model front view

2016 Toyota Tacoma


Finding an efficient vehicle can be important. What the Tacoma lacks in size it makes up for in efficiency. Since it has two smaller engine options than the Tundra, and since it’s smaller in size, this vehicle has the better fuel efficiency. The Tacoma offers an EPA-estimated 19 city and 24 highway mpg. Although it’s more fuel-efficient than the Tundra, you can still rely on the Tundra to give you an EPA-estimated 13 city and 18 highway mpg. So no matter what you’re looking for, both the Tacoma and Tundra are great options.
2016 Toyota Tacoma

2016 Toyota Tacoma


As already mentioned, the Tacoma is a mid-size pickup truck compared to the full-size Tundra. As a smaller option, the Tacoma is not only more fuel-efficient, but it’s also easier to maneuver on the road. As the larger vehicle, the Tundra offers you more cargo space and better hauling opportunities. In fact, the Tundra can tow up to 10,300 pounds. And even though it’s small, you can still rely on the Tacoma to haul up to 3,500 pounds. So when you factor in exactly what you need in terms of size, there will be a reliable Toyota pickup truck waiting for you.
2016 Toyota Tundra

2016 Toyota Tundra


No matter which of these two pickup trucks you have your eye on, you can rest assured that they both come standard with the many safety features you have come to expect from Toyota. Each one of these vehicles maximizes traction and hauling by including crawl mode, limited slip differential, locking rear differential, and active traction control. This way, you know that you’ll be in complete control no matter the weather or the terrain.

In addition, each one of these trucks comes standard with a rearview camera to provide more visibility, a tire pressure monitoring system to keep you in control, and anti-theft protection to keep your vehicle safe all the time—once again proving that Toyota trucks are the best option.

2016 Toyota Tundra dark exterior

2016 Toyota Tundra

Make Your Choice at Savannah Toyota

Trying to compare the 2016 Toyota Tacoma vs. the 2016 Toyota Tundra is not an easy feat. Both of these vehicles pack their own unique features that make them irresistible to Savannah and Hilton Head Island drivers. If you want a smaller pickup truck that is easy to maneuver and will save you money at the pump, then the Tacoma is the right vehicle for you. But if you’re looking for that energetic vehicle that can give you more in cargo and towing, then the Tundra makes the most sense. Our team at Savannah Toyota is here to help make the choice easier on you. Contact our dealership today at (855) 411-6139 to see which one makes the most sense for you.

*Source: Toyota.com