How to Check Brake Fluid

checking brake fluid

Everyone knows that brakes play a fundamental role in your vehicle and need maintenance, but many Savannah drivers don’t understand the importance of brake fluid. It’s simple to learn how to check brake fluid on a regular basis as part of holistic brake care. Savannah Toyota covers DIY brake fluid checks below!

How to Check Brake Fluid: Basic Steps

What is brake fluid, and what color is brake fluid? Like motor oil, brake fluid lubricates parts of your vehicle. It also helps move your brake pedal. The majority of brake fluids you’ll find in Pooler are glycol-ether based; others are silicone-based (DOT-5) or mineral oil-based (LHM) fluids. As with all things, your owner’s manual will tell you what kind of brake fluid your vehicle uses.

Here’s how to check brake fluid in three simple steps:

  1. Find the Brake Fluid Reservoir: This is usually a master cylinder under the hood of your car. If you’re having trouble, consult an owner’s manual.
  2. Check for Quantity: The reservoir should have a clear “max” and “min” line. If it’s edging close to the “min” line, you’ll want to get brake service!
  3. Check for Color: What color is brake fluid? It should be clear, with a yellow tint on it. If you see that the brake fluid is brown or black, that means it’s gotten filled with debris and needs changing! Schedule service for a brake fluid flush.

Besides, “What color is brake fluid,” many Bluffton drivers ask us how often to check brake fluid. Do this every time you get an oil change and you’ll have a good sense of your brake fluid quality/quantity.

The Importance of Brake Fluid

It’s good to know how to check brake fluid from your Hilton Head home because it works with integral parts of your vehicle. Not changing your brake fluid can result in:

  • Corrosion on your brake parts
  • Damage to brake-related systems

What causes brake fluid to lower or go bad? There’s debris that inevitably gets into your engine, and then there’s also systems like ABS that generate heat, causing a loss in brake fluid. With services like Toyota Express Maintenance at Savannah Toyota, it’s quick and easy to get a brake fluid change among many other services!

Save on Maintenance with Savannah Toyota

At Savannah Toyota, we’ve got a comprehensive service center that offers service specials for all sorts of maintenance needs, including brake fluid replacement. Savannah drivers can service tips with our helpful guide and OEM parts when those are needed. Contact us today to schedule service or ask any questions about vehicle maintenance!

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