How Often to Change Spark Plugs

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Whether you drive a Toyota Highlander or any other model, spark plug service is a key part of your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule. Auto experts suggest every 30,000 miles as a general guide for how often to change spark plugs, but a variety of factors may cause them to wear out more quickly. For that reason, we’re not surprised when we hear from Pooler drivers with this question: when do I change spark plugs in my vehicle?

In the guide below, the Savannah Toyota service center discusses how spark plugs work, why it’s important to replace them, and when it’s time to schedule service.

When Do I Change My Spark Plugs?

When you turn the key in the ignition, the spark plugs transport high-voltage current from the ignition coils to the engine combustion chamber. Although how often to change spark plugs will vary depending on your vehicle and typical driving conditions in Bluffton, be sure to keep an eye out for these warning signs that your spark plugs are wearing out:

  • Slow engine starts
  • Multiple engine misfires
  • Rough ride while driving or idling
  • Weak acceleration
  • Poor fuel economy

Why Is It Important to Change Spark Plugs?

While you definitely don’t want to deal with engine issues on the road in Hilton Head, you don’t want to waste money replacing your spark plugs too early, either. So it’s only logical to want to know: when do I change spark plugs before they cause problems on the road, but not when they’ve still got some life left? Your owner’s manual will provide recommended spark plug service intervals for your particular make and model.

Knowing how often to change spark plugs will ensure that you never get stranded with spark plug-related problems. And even if you aren’t yet experiencing the effects of worn-out spark plugs, fresh spark plugs will get your car running as smoothly as it did the day you drove it off the lot:

  • Smoother starts
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Cleaner emissions
  • Dependable engine combustion

Schedule Professional Toyota Service in Savannah

Questions about your Toyota vehicle’s recommended service intervals? The friendly auto experts at Savannah Toyota are happy to answer your questions, whether you’re wondering what an alternator does or how to check brake fluid. Contact us to start building your car-care skills today!

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