Toyota Car Replacement Battery Cost


If you suspect your Toyota vehicle needs car battery replacement service, you may be wondering how much a new battery will cost and which brand is the right one for your vehicle. Typically, a car battery replacement cost ranges between $75 and $200. You can find a new Toyota car battery at the Savannah Toyota service center, where we have an impressive selection of premium batteries for every Toyota make and model. Learn more about when to replace your car battery and car battery replacement services below, or contact our team if you have a specific question about our replacement Toyota batteries. 

When Should I Replace My Car Battery?

Knowing how often to replace your car battery will help your vehicle run longer on Pooler roads while also helping you anticipate your service costs. Typically, factors like climate, location, and your driving habits will determine how long your battery will last. Read below for some warning signs that it’s time to replace your car’s battery. 

  • Slow cranking or sluggish start
  • Low fluid levels in the battery
  • Fluid leaking from the battery
  • A swelling or bloated battery case
  • The “Check Battery” light comes on

The Toyota TrueStart™ Advantage

For Bluffton Toyota drivers, you have the option of choosing the Toyota TrueStart™ battery. The Toyota TrueStart™ battery is specifically designed for your Toyota car, truck, or SUV by providing exceptional reliability and performance for your Hilton Head needs. Read the benefits of choosing the Toyota TrueStart™ battery below:

  • 100% warranty coverage for up to 2 years
  • Warranty service available at over 1,200 locations
  • Faster recharge capability
  • Longer battery life
  • Patented lead alloy reduces corrosion
  • Heavy-duty positive and negative terminals optimize power flow

Lengthen Your Car Battery’s Life

While a car battery replacement cost is manageable, you’ll want to take care of your new vehicle battery to get the most out of your investment. Read the tips below to extend your car battery’s life: 

  • Limit short trips so your battery isn’t being used too frequently.
  • Ensure your battery is always properly secured and supported.
  • Avoid using headlights or interior lighting/entertainment/charging/systems while the car is turned off.
  • Take the time to remove any corrosion or dirt that builds up on the battery or its connections.
  • Park in the shade to keep your vehicle and your battery cool. 
  • Check the voltage monthly, your battery should have around 12.7 volts or above. 
  • Don’t let your vehicle sit for long periods of time. Taking a short drive around the block or letting your car run in your driveway for ten minutes is a good way to keep your battery charged. 

Trust Savannah Toyota With Your Service Needs

When you’re ready to get a new Toyota battery, visit the Savannah Toyota service center in Savannah! You can easily schedule car battery replacement service online with our service scheduler, or you can order a battery from our parts department and have it shipped to your home. We look forward to helping you get a new battery for an excellent price!

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